Children’s safety is the number one subject in the USD 402 Transportation Department. Getting children to and from school and related activities is a job that has its rewards and its challenges. Many of the drivers stay where they are because of the children–seeing them on a daily basis is its own reward, they say. Drivers have a lot to do when they’re not actually driving their vehicle, too. They are required to perform pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections, attend monthly training sessions, pass a physical every two years, renew their license every four years.

We feel very fortunate to have the support of our parents and community in emphasizing to students the importance of following bus rules, as most all of our rules are safety-related in one way or another. We are also concerned with our students' safety before they get on the bus and after they get off the bus. We establish pick-up and drop-off points that maximize safety related to traffic and other hazards in the surrounding area.

Sometimes, circumstances beyond our control cause a bus to be late, and we appreciate the cooperation of all involved in those cases. We commend our parents on their efforts to call ahead when they know their child isn't riding--morning or afternoon. We also appreciate having the confidence that our students will always be dressed appropriately for the weather, with jackets, coats, hats, and gloves, etc., in case they have to wait longer than scheduled at the bus stop, or in case the bus they're on breaks down and they have to wait outside for a repacement bus to arrive.
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