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K-5 Standards Based Grade Cards

The standards based report card is helpful in many ways:

  • First, it clarifies and reinforces consistent, high expectations for all K-5 students in USD 402.
  • Second, the report card helps teachers, students and families focus on standards, learning behaviors, participation, effort and conscepts/skills addressed throughout the school year.
  • Fnally, and most importantly, the report card provides specific feedback about the child’s progress, so families and teachers can work together to set meaninful goals for improvement. Information on which big ideas and concepts each child has learned and what work is still needed for success in the next grade levl helps ensure that your child receives additional support, at home and school when needed

The Parent Reference Guides below provides information about the report card that I hope you will find helpful. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me at 316-775-5484 or via email at

Grade Card Templates for each grade level are also available to view.


‚ÄčK-5 SBGC Parent Reference Guides

Standards Based Grade Cards