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Special Education Program

Special Education Program

This program is run by Buter County Inter-Local. 3 year old students who qualify will be assigned to Garfield or Lincoln Elementary and attend classes Monday thru Thursday from 8-11 am or 12-3 pm. 4 year olds that qualify will attend Monday thru Friday from 8-3 pm at Ewalt Elementary. There is no cost for students who qualify for these students. Transportation is provided, if needed.

Child Find

A free developmental screening for preschool children (3-5 years) living in Butler County. The screenings are sponsored by Butler County Special Education Interlocal and authorized by the Kansas State Department of Education. The purpose is to help parents identify potential learning problems and find help. If your child has difficulty walking, talking, seeing, hearing or learning, please call us to schedule an appointment. 

Butler County Special Education Interlocal 316-775-6904 

If you have developmental concerns about an infant or toddler (0-3 years), please contact Rainbows of Butler County 316-320-1342.

Butler County Interlocal Contact

Butler County Interlocal: