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Drivers Education Class Signup - Coming up

Posted Date: 03/06/2024

Drivers Education Class Signup - Coming up

Augusta Public Schools is pleased to announce the commencement of registration for its upcoming drivers' education program on March 19th, open to all Augusta High School students. All other students can start registering on March 26th

This initiative aims to provide comprehensive driver's education to interested students, fostering a culture of safe and responsible driving within the community.

Registration opens on March 19th, offering Augusta High School students an opportunity to enroll in a program that covers crucial topics such as traffic rules, defensive driving techniques, and practical skills necessary for navigating the road with confidence. All other students are able to register starting March 26th

To secure a spot in the program, interested students are encouraged to print the application and turn it in to the Augusta High School office by May 3rd.

Drivers Education Information

Drivers Education Application

By offering this opportunity, we are committed to empowering students with the essential knowledge and skills required for safe and responsible driving practices.

For further information, please contact: Jeff Regier by email.