USD 402 History

Before school districts in Kansas became unified, schools were often completely independent of each other -- each school was its own district, so to speak. The belief was that there should be a school within walking distance of every child. Therefore, early in our state's history, there were thousands of "school districts" in Kansas.

Board of Education Presidents
Bill Rinkenbaugh 2013-2014

2011 - pres  - Dr. John C. Black
2005-2001 - James E. Lentz
1990-2005 - James T. Markos
1979-1990 - Dr. Lyle E. Boyles
1975-1979 - Dr. William Cleary
1969-1975 - William Churchman
1965-1969 - Basil Covey
1961-1965 - James Benjamin

Teachers of the Year