School Health

High School and Lincoln: Jennifer Dawson, R.N.
Middle School: Leslie Henline, R.N.
Garfield and Robinson: Tonya Dresher, BSN, RN
Ewalt and Middle School : Melanie Jackson, RN

The District nurses are here to promote health and to assist our students with many health issues, in partnership with the family and community.  Some of the valuable services that we provide include:

  • Emergency Care 
  • Medication Administration
  • Vision, Hearing, and Dental Checks
  • Illness and Injury Prevention
  • Environmental and Biohazard Safety
  • Acute/Chronic Health Management
  • Staff Training and Delegation
  • Health and Wellness promotion
  • CPR/AED training for staff

​Please contact your school nurse with any health concerns regarding your children and remember: HEALTHY CHILDREN LEARN BETTER!

Illness Related School Exclusions



Per USD 402 district policy, any child with vomiting, diarrhea, or fever greater than 100 degrees will be excluded from school, until child is free from symptoms for AT LEAST 24 hours, without the use or aid of medication.

Children may attend school with minor coughs/colds, provided that the symptoms are not severe enough to be a distraction to the classroom environment, mucous is clear, and the child has enough energy to participate in the daily activities of the school day.

Hearing and Vision Screenings

The District Nurses have been performing vision and hearing screenings on students in Pre-K thru 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th grades.

You will receive notification if your child FAILS the screening and is in need of further evaluation.  If you receive this notice, pleasse follow up

with the doctor as soon as possible.  Hearing and Vision are VITAL to learning!

Clearing Up Medical Myths

Article by Tonya Dresher, R.N., Garfield and Robinson School Nurse