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Orange & Black Friday! A fun time for adults to celebrate AUGUSTA ORIOLES!


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2016-2017 OFFICERS
President: Angie Johnston - 316.259.3949 -
Vice President: Jenny Uhrmacher
Treasurer: Angie Johnston
Secretary: Nicole Hall
Membership & Passes: Traci Swartz

3rd Wednesday of every month, please join us!




Booster Club Compiles 'Wish List'

Head coaches from most of Augusta High School's sports were present at the first Oriole Booster Club meeting of the school year. Club President Angie Johnston facilitated a discussion with coaches about the teams' needs, short-term and long-term. Johnston explained that the Booster Club wants to benefit all Oriole athletics -- not just the most visible and highly attended -- in a way that fits in with the Athletic Department's overall vision and long-term plan.

By the end of the discussion, the whiteboard was overflowing items on all the coaches' wish lists.