Assessment in USD 402

Assessments in education take on many forms, ranging from classroom and district (local) to national, from informal to formal, and from subjective to objective. Specific assessments are designed and administered for specific purposes, and results from an assessment must be considered within the context of that assessment's designed purposes. Some assessments are designed to be formative, meaning their results are meant to be used to plan further instruction on the subject. Other assessments are designed to be summative, meaning that their results are meant to be used to evaluate student learning at the end of a lesson, unit, course, semester, or year.

Parents and the home environment are critial components of the assessment process, not only in terms of students' readiness on assessment day (rest, nutrition), but also in terms of ongoing reinforcement of learning outside of the school day--all year long. We plan to use this page to provide information about the formal assessments that occur in our district so that parents can be an active, effective part of the process.