Robinson's 15th Annual Veteran's Day Program

Robinson held their 15th Annual Veteran's Day Program on Thursday, November 10, 2016, in honor of our service men & women. The students did an excellent job, as did the entire Staff. Thank you to our Veterans, their families, community members, and family members of our students. We also want to thank U.S. Congressman Mike Pompeo, State Senator Ty Masterson, State Representatives Kristie Williams and Will Carpenter, and Augusta Mayor Matt Childers for attending and speaking to the audience. Thank you to the Augusta Dept. of Public Safety for providing their honor guard to post and retire the colors. Our Robinson Students and Staff are second to none and did an awesome job!

US Congressman Mike Pompeo, State Representative Kristie Williams, State Representative Will Carpenter, Augusta Mayor Matt Childers, State Senator Ty Masterson.

The kindergarten classes of Mrs. Paige Hayden and Mrs. Alicia Hajek.

The first grade classes of Mrs. Lisa Terry and Mrs. Shala Wills.

The second grade classes of Mrs. Lyn Steffes and Miss Emily Ramsey.

The third grade classes of Mrs. Leah Meckel and Mrs. Katie Crowdis.

The fourth grade classes of Miss Rebecka Ellis and Mrs. Kimberly Logsdon.

The fifth grade classes of Mr. Jordan Evans and Mrs. Debbie Pressnell.

The National Anthem was performed by Shala Wills and the colors were presented by the Augusta Department of Safety.  Children of military veterans lead the audience in the "Pledge of Allegiance."