The USD 402 Technology Department is dedicated to the district’s mission of increasing student achievement. To accomplish this purpose, we employ a team approach to the task of simplifying technology. From increasing our ability to communicate with district patrons to assuring the safety of our students and security of our facilities, we strive for a “user-friendly” technology environment.

Our staff of technicians supports technology in all its forms district wide. From the student device initiative in grades 7-11, to instructional labs in all buildings, to teacher tools such as interactive whiteboards and response systems, ipads & handheld electronic "chalkboards," our techs carry a much higher device-to-tech load -- on a much smaller budget -- than practically any organization in business & industry. We also support specialized curricular labs for Career & Tech Education (CTE) pathways, as well as in subject areas such as science, drafting, digital art, journalism, digital game design, web design, and others. Our department also maintains the school district's systems and related equipment for all security (doors, cameras), hvac and radio communications.

In our department, we watch the horizon for what’s to come in educational technology, work hands-on with teachers and students to enhance the daily teaching and learning experience, and work behind the scenes to keep the systems running smoothly.

Bart Hamilton, Director of Technology
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